A Life

A poem submitted by Jessica

A baby is born, the miracle of birth

Another treasure of the sea, a budding blossom of the earth.

Whether a human, dog, or cat, what difference should it make?

A family, heart, and soul, a complete life form it does take.

So when you move on in the future, why even consider leaving it behind?

Do you honestly believe it doens't notice, do you really think it doesn't mind?

Fuzzy friends are not our toys, they aren't items for sale or for trade

Not a car to be bargained, instead a life by better hands that has been made.

Thrown out carelessly on the streets, like garbage or an empty food bag

Brutal attacks on that so innocent is not a thing so proudly to brag.

We take it out on those so small, we can't even face our own judgmental fears

But all the blood and pain are all shed in those victim's tears.

Make an important lifetime choice, adopt a pet to care for like your own child

Whether born in warm, safe quarters or scrapping out in the cold, rugged wild.

So many mouths crying in this world, spaying and neutering is the only key

Only then can they be healthy and happy, only then secure and responsible can we be.

After all, it's not just a fancy collectible car, not a replaceable utensil like a spoon, fork, or knife

It's not just a matter of your own "convenience", it's the simple matter of a LIFE.