Blogs & Sites Dedicated to a Cat

Life With CH Cats - A blog from a CH Kitty Club member - A blog about raising a CH kitten

Mini Dee - A CH Kitty Club member's kitty's story on

The Animal Voice - A blog featuring Charlie, the world's most famous CH kitty

Rescues & Other Adoption Sites

Alley Cat Rescue - Alley Cat Rescue is helping to solve the crisis and tragedy of unwanted and abandoned cats.

Cathaven - An animal shelter located in Indiana

CH Cats & Kittens - Facebook page with available CH cats and kittens throughout the U.S. and Canada. (Click the "Facebook" icon to continue on to the actual page.)

Cats With Cerebellar Hypoplasia - Info for adopting a cat with CH

Friends of Felines Rescue - CH information from FoFR

Other Animal-Lover Support Sites

CH on HubPages - A collection of information about CH and links to other related sites

Pet Loss - Grief Support WebSite and Candle Ceremony. - More great information about living with cats with CH and other similar conditions

Pictures Of Cats' CH page - Contains a concise description of CH and a few videos of some CH kitties - A site containing a wealth of information to keep your cat healthy.

Sources of Medical Information

American Animal Hospital Association - A very informative site for anyone with animals

Neurological Disorders in Cats - Has links to descriptions of different neurological problems. It's in the form of pet owner's questions and a vet's answers. Some illnesses seem like CH but are not, and this helps with differential diagnosis.

Cerebellar Hypoplasia - VetInfo's CH page

Feline Constipation - Not written by a medical expert, but still contains very useful information

CH In Cats - CH information from VCA Hospital

Nobody's Pur-fect - CH information from Blue Pearl Vet

Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia - CH information from PetMed

Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Cats - CH information from First Vet

CH Wobbly Cats - CH information from Fairmont Vet

What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know About CH - CH info from our very own vet!

Some of our Personal favorites

Iams - Our personal favorite cat food

Purina - Neat site with some freebies

Cosequin - A supplement to aid cats with joint and bladder issues


Equipment for Special Needs Pets and Other Animals - Contains links to sites with ramps, elizabethan collars, and other prosthetics for your CH kitty.  Don't let all the dog references fool you; most of the companies make things for cats, too.

Health Care Tips - CH information from Catster