To Pippy & Disabled Cats Everywhere

by Kathy Wolff Heller

A disabled tuxedo

crept into my life.

She can’t walk straight,

but she can fight for her life.


She may fall over

a time or two,

her small 6 pound body

just going askew.


With motor and vision

impairments she grew,

despite respiratory issues

and a swallowing disorder too.


She learns odd vocabulary like

“Slow down” and “All done,”

as she takes countless medications,

from which she may wildly run.

But most of her life

is quite normal, you see,

as she happily purrs

and sits contently by me.


She enjoys life, plays with the oddest of things.

Not just watching the world,

but being a part of things.


People wonder why we would want a disabled cat.

Only those who have loved,

would understand that.